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Schools & Youth Leadership and Life Skills Training Programs

Philos Outdoor Is a member of the African Christian Camping. Our goal in our Youth camps,conferences and capacity building programs is to provide structured programs that specifically address character and abstinence that will empower the youth to make responsible choices in all areas of their lives.

Young people need positive life changing messages on a consistent basis throughout their lives. This is why we have developed a team of facilitators best in their field to provide schools, conferences, churches, parent programs and camps with quality knowledge transfer that will impact the youths in your community as well as the culture in which they live. Our experiential learning youth programs guarantee the highest standards of facilitation and are designed to meet the specific stated needs of our clients.

Under this program, we address a number of topics, such as:

  • Social-empowerment initiatives.

  • Initiatives for economic empowerment (training in business and financial management).

  • Youth and sexual abstinence

  • Teenage addiction (to drugs, gambling, the internet, and other behaviors).

  • Advocate for safe spaces and teen leadership participation in the area of teens and leadership.

  • Mental health in adolescents

In order to meet the needs of your youth group, WE can customize programs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff.