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Camping & Outdoor Adventure

POA offers thrilling indoor and outdoor camping, aimed at helping people escape the stress of urban life. Camping also provides physical benefits when it involves hiking to, from, and around a campsite. It instills confidence in youngsters and offers camp lovers opportunities to challenge themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Our camps are biblical based on John1:14. Where we emphasis on forming authentic mentorship relationships with young people so as to equip them with skills that will enable them to navigate through the challenges of life.

Our Vision for Camping and Outdoor Adventure:

Is to raise a generation of God’s young people who have overcome their life challenges and are in-turn reaching out to assist other young people by becoming a positive influence. Our camping and outdoor leadership programs are for groups of between 20 and 100 people.

In our camps we use our experiential learning model which allows the participants to learn through reflecting on the experience you have had in a particular activity:

Experience⇒ Learn ⇒Apply⇒ Grow